Low Pressure Two Stage Screw Compressor LH/LHPM Series 

Working Power: 55~250 KW (75~335 HP)
Free Air Delivery: 4.5~62 m³/min (159~2190.5 cfm)
Working Pressure: 4.5/5.5 bar (65/79 psig)


  Low power, high energy saving

Almost 10% less power consumption compared to equal size single stage screw compressor.

  Near isothermal compression

  • AFE31 represents isothermal compression
  • AC31 is area of standard ​compression
  • AB, BF, FD, 31 is area of two stage compression
  • Two stage compression saving area is BCDF comparison with standard compression
  • After first grade compression, the volume of compressed air become smaller, then the second compression could use smaller rotor, which reduce the compression leakage.
  • It reduces the compression ratio and the leakage.

   Heavy Duty Air Filter:

  • Double filter core, improved filtration, long service life, low suction resistance, improved air inlet efficiency.
  • Made for dusty environment like: cement, textile, fiber, chemical industry, etc.

   Oil / air tank (125HP-300HP)

  • Large capacity oil tank, reduced lubricating oil foaming.
  • Tank cover fitted with rotating aid to ease air/oil separator
  • Large separator, better separation, lower pressure drop, improved efficiency.
  • Double oil separator core for 340HP and above, better oil separation.
  • Oil carry-over less than 3PPM over 4000 run hours



① Premium Efficiency Drive Motor   

Premium efficiency Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) IP54/IP55 motor (Class F insulation) protects against dust and chemicals etc.

Long-term stable operation even in harsh environments up to 55℃ (131℉)

② Innovative air end

​ ● New improved rotor profile for low pressure application

● High quality bearings

● Designed to give 20 years of reliable operation

③ Inlet filter

● Nano scale Heavy duty

● Filtration efficiency up to 99.9%

● Particles below 0.3 micron 

● Differential pressure indicator

● 2,000 hours service intervals

④ Cooling fan

● VSD control

● Compact

● Low noise level

● High capacity for optimized cooling

● Low power consumption

⑤ Classic cooler design

● Combined oil and after cooler

● Anti corrosion surface coatings

● 20% oversized 

● After cooler (optional)

⑥ Innovative vectorial inverter

● CE/UL Certification 

● EMC C3 and C2 requirements 

● Wide voltage design

● Built-in DC reactor

● Independent cooling air duct 

⑦ Plot® Touch controller

● 7.0 inch full color touch LCD screen

Protection against overloading, overpressure, overheating, phase unbalance plus 13 more protections.

● Modbus RTU

⑧ Inlet valve

● Optimizes inlet flow

● No blow-off losses

● Maintenance free pipe design

● Large suction area, designed for low pressure application 

⑨ Oil filter

● High efficiency oil filter, longer air end life

● Oil particles down to 0.1 micron

● Smooth and well-lubricated oil system

● Multiple oil filter combination, stable operation

⑩ Oil gas tank & Built-in separation system

Oversized air/oil tank, improved cyclone effect and separation process.

● Oil carry over < 3 ppm.

● System pressure < 0.02 MPa

⑪ Electrical control cabinet

●  Siemens core electrical components. 

⑫ All-steel internal pipe system

● All steel internal pipe work, longer life, higher safety

● Lower pressure drop



Data conforms to ISO 1217 (Pressure 1 bar (a), Temperature 20 deg C, R.H 0%)

Standard voltage is 380V/50HZ/3P, other voltage is available.

The recommended best capacity range is 60%-100%.

Alpine/high altitude, high temperature, high humidity, high dust loads or other adverse working conditions will require specialized custom designs. These are available on special request.

We reserve the right to make changes and improvements to the design and appearance.

Specifications may change without prior notice.

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