Permanent Magnet Screw Compressors PM, EPM, EPM2 Series

Permanent magnetic VSD Screw Air Compressor PM Series  
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Permanent magnetic VSD Screw Air Compressor EPM/EPM2 Series 
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Why Our PM/EPM/EPM2 ​Series

  • Inn​o​v​a​t​i​v​e​ ​ Air end and PM motor combination.
  • IE4 efficiency & IP65 protection grade.
  • Bearing and maintenance free PM motor.
  • Motor winding protected by epoxy resin with no risk of short circuit.

  • Closed loop PM motor with independent cooling system.
  • Motor winding temp protection by PTC.
  • 20 yeas+ motor lifetime.

  • Provision of constant pressure means no extra power consumption.
  • Wide frequency range, perfectly matches compressor flow rate to the consumption.
  • High efficiency air end and PM motor helps save 30-40% energy.