We are a leading compressor manufacturer with 40+ years of commitment to the compressed air.

Skill, experience and know - how we have gained in due course of time combined with our well-trained staff, has enabled us to understand our customer's requirement and offer them the right solution they deserve.

Our commitment starts with our pre-sales consultancy services on the selection of the right compressor and downstream equipment for the right job, and continues with correct installation, training, and comprehensive 7/24 after sales support and services.

Other than our standard range of products, we also offer customized packages for each and every application our customers may require, starting with the compressor all the way down to ancillary equipment.

Compressed air, the 4th. widely used energy source, is not cheap contrary to what is generally believed. Our sales engineering’s advice is aimed at reducing our customers’ initial investment and running cost.

We represent SCR Shanghai Screw Compressor Company in the territory as their exclusive distributor, and are present almost in any industry from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals, automotive, cement, textile, printing, construction, etc., both in and out of country.

SCR, a leading Chinese compressor manufacturer based in Shanghai, and a joint venture of Anest Iwata, Japan, are well known for their quality compressors of oil injected screw, oil free, energy saving variable speed with permanent magnet electric motors, double stage and low pressure.

Our compressors are of a wide range of pressures, flow rates and applications.

  • Belt Driven « M »
  • Direct Driven Single Stage « D, II »
  • Direct Drive Double Stage « H »
  • Variable Speed Permanent Magnet and Energy Saving Compressors: « PM, EPM, EPM2 »
  • Direct Drive Double Stage Oil Free « G »
  • Downstream Equipment

40+ Years of Experience in Providing Energy-Saving, High-Efficiency and Air System Solutions.
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