33 years of industry experience

 Company Profile

Registered back in 1991, we focus on research & development, production, sales and services of air compressors and the relevant equipment.

Built on a 12000 square meter land, with 3000 m² infrastructure, and with our 40 staff number, mainly engineers, specialists and skilled operators, we are all behind a common objective; to feed your system with the right compressed air you need.

Compressed air storage and treatment are as important as compressed air itself, and our sales team is keen to prepare a comprehensive package to meet all you need for a trouble free supply of your production line.

From the moment you plan a visit to us, till we see you off, you are welcome to see our production line, quality control, engineering, and make yourself familiar with the models and capacity of the compressors we make.

We are not far from our customers more than a telephone call, as there is no customer in our country, our service team would not reach in a couple of hours / days.

We, at Atrotech, conduct regular training courses for our customers to fully understand their compressors, safety measures they need to take and the routine inspection and maintenance.