Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor XA Series  

Working Power: 3.7~30 KW (5~40 HP)
Free Air Delivery: 0.35~3.5 m³/min (12.3~123.65 cfm)
Working Pressure: 8/10 bar (116/145 psig)


  Energy Saving

  • Multi level control, better operation and energy savings.
  • Single canopy housing number of compressors provides for efficient supply to demand operation.
  • Energy saving beyond an imagination.

   Japan Original Anest Iwata Ai rend

  • Air end, originally made-in-Japan by Anest Iwata air end, is of high quality and performance.
  • Simple structure, easy maintenance, low noise, fast supply of compressed air, no need for oil cooling and lubrication.

   Air end Structure:

Simple structure with an orbiting and a fixed scroll compress the air. 

   SCR9000 Touch screen controller

  • User-friendly 7" touch screen PLC. 
  • High temperature and pressure protection, motor overload, phase unbalance plus 13 more protections.
  • Intelligent control of running schedule and automatic startup following a power failure and restore. 
  • Support Modbus RTU.

  Compressor Layout

Compressor is combined by multiple air end + motor each with an independent drive and control.



① Motor 

● Standard TEFC motor specially designed for heavy-duty application.

● IP54 (IP55 option) protection grade ensure the stable running even at dusty environment.

● Reliable and proved on the market for more than 15 years.

② Air end

● Japan Anest Iwata oil-free scroll compressor air end fitted with imported bearings and grease

③ Inlet filter

● Efficiency of up to 99.9%

● Dust particles removal below 0.3 micron 

● Differential pressure indicator

④ Classic cooler design

● High temperature resistant.

● Easy access for maintenance

● Anti-corrosion coating.

● Oversized cooler design

⑤ SCR9000 Touch Screen PLC   

● 7.0 inch full color touch LCD screen 

● Real-time Operation/ Maintenance/ Alarm information 

● Operation record/ Chart display 

● Weekly timer/ Service history and planning

⑥ Electrical control cabinet

● Siemens electrical components. 



Data conforms to ISO 1217 (Pressure 1 bar (a), Temperature 20 deg. C, R.H 0%)

Alpine/high altitude, high temperature, high humidity, high dust loads or other adverse working conditions will require specialised custom designs. These are available on special request.

We reserve the right to make changes and improvements to the design and appearance. Specifications may change without prior notice.

Standard voltage is 380V/50HZ/3P, other voltage is available.

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