This text is not a paradox

May 30, 2024 by
This text is not a paradox

If you are a compressor operator, or someone doing air end repair or overhaul, you would know, that:
screw air ends comprise two rotors, the so called male with larger outer diameter, and female with smaller dia.

Am wondering if you have ever noticed that male rotor though of larger outer diameter has less number of teeth (lobe) and female rotor of smaller diameter has more number of teeth (flute)

How do you see it possible, that; unlike any mating gear where the larger diameter is of more number of teeth, in case of rotor pair, the larger diameter rotor has less number of teeth!

Based on the above, if you were to guess which rotor should run faster, would that be based on the rotor outer diameter or the number of teeth, knowing that larger rotor has less number of teeth!

This text is not a paradox, but is a little misleading and you need to locate it.