Belt Driven M Series  

Working Power: 15~30KW (20~40HP)
Free Air Delivery: 1.7~5.1 m³/min (60~180.2cfm)
Working Pressure: 7/8/10/12.5bar (101.5/116/145/181 psig)


  High reliable air end

​Machined by high precision CNC and inspected by CMM. High reliability proved for more than 13 years, 5:6 profile rotor fitted with world-famous bearings.


  IEC standard TEFC Motor

  1. TEFC, IP 54 (IP 55 optional) Protection
  2. F Class Insulation
  3. S1 Duty cycle stable running even in 24 hour/7 day applications
  4. Top quality SKF motor bearings ensure long service life.

3   Oversized cooler

Oversized cooler with 30% reserve margin, ensures excellent cooling even under high ambient conditions, it’s more than 10 years proofed in the tropical country, like UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Siemens core components

1. Oversized Siemens contactors are selected, it’s for stable operation to ensure longevity, even in the heaviest duty applications.

2. Intelligent PLC control, monitors all key running parameters of the compressor. The PLC reports on 12 alarms and 13 security protection.

5    World CE/UL Certificate



① Premium Efficiency Drive Motor   

● Premium efficiency Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) IP54/IP55 motor (Class F insulation) protects against dust and chemicals etc.

● Long-term stable operation even in harsh environments up to 55℃ (131℉)

② New compressor air end

● Original air end
● Advanced SAP profile design
FAG / SKF bearings

③ Inlet filter

● Superior air filter with two-stage dust removal and filtering system with efficiency of up to 99.9%

● Extended service life of the compressor parts and components

④ Cooling fan

● Low noise level

● High capacity for optimized cooling

● Low power consumption

⑤ Classic cooler design

● Easy access for maintenance

● Paint anti-corrosion coating on surface

● Oversize cooler design

⑥ Belt Driven

​● Germany Optibelt brand belts ensure the high performance and easy maintenance

⑦ Intelligent SPC200 Controller

● User Friendly Interface, real-time operation/maintenance/alarm information.

● Self-protection & Intelligent automatic control, provide 12 alarms and 13 security protection.

⑧ Inlet valve

● Advanced & Robust Suction valve designed for heavy-duty running.

● Reliable solenoid valve, service life up to 2 million actions.

● Simple layout and easy to maintain.

⑨ Oil filter

● Filter the dirts in the lubricated oil reliably 

● Oil particles can be controlled at 0.1 micron 

● Ensure the smooth and well-lubricating oil system

⑩ Oil gas tank & Built-in separation system

● Oversized air/oil tank improves the cyclone effect and the separation process

● The high efficiency oil separator ensures that the oil carry over is less than 3 ppm.

● System pressure loss less than 0.02 MPa

⑪ electrical control cabinet

● Siemens core electrical components are used to further enhance reliability. 

⑫ all-steel internal pipe system

● All steel internal pipe work is used to prevent leakage and premature ageing often seen with flexible pipes

● Less pipe pressure loss 



Data conforms to ISO 1217 (Pressure 1 bar (a), Temperature 20 deg C, R.H 0%)

Standard voltage is 380V/50HZ/3P, other voltage is available.

The recommended best capacity range is 60%-100%.

Alpine/high altitude, high temperature, high humidity, high dust loads or other adverse working conditions will require specialized custom designs. These are available on special request.

We reserve the right to make changes and improvements to the design and appearance.

Specifications may change without prior notice.

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